Fixed sheet shutters

The system of shutters with fixed sheets is a system with low possibility of having damages and represents a medium level regarding cleaning difficulty.

Negative situations: it is impossible closing the passage of light giving to the user a feeling of lack of privacy, for instance, in a bedroom. Regarding security, this would be positive despite the problem of the system locking being very easy to be opened from the outside.

Movable guidable sheet shutters

Shutters with movable sheets allow opening and closing the passage of light, as well as they allow the airing with closed shutters but with low security.

Negative situations: we have lack of security due to the easiness of trespass caused by the movable systems and only with the help of a small tool. Another negative situations was the cleaning difficulty of the sheets and its mechanisms. These have visual expression and it is difficult to clean them due to their access. At last, the systems that move these sheets have frequent damages causing the needing of repair.

Closed profile shutters

The shutters system with closed profiles is a system with good security and easy to be cleaned.

Negative situations: they do not allow the passage of light without a visual sight to the outside. This makes its total opening. It does also not allow making the airing with the closed shutter. In other words, it does not air the house with bigger security.

Southo Shutters

Southo Shutters were conceived to join in one product the benefits of the several systems and models, having as challenge the great aim of being able to eliminate the negative situations identified in the other kind of shutter.

It is with excellence that the Southo Shutters attained their purposes. Together with a new design, they are secure, they are easy to clean, they control the close and opening of passage of light, and they have the possibility of visual sight into the outside within the horizon line. All this with an innovating system that after exhaustive tests, it proved having a high feasibility, of having a easy usage. we have another good news. This system show having a great durability, meaning it needs a very low maintenance.

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